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FOX Business
Aug 16, 2013 12:00am EDT
. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all? 1 million hundreds of millions of americans? >> nosair. john: it turns out the real answer is yes but he lied about it. >> to support the data gathering? >> if you have a problem that people and congress should have a problem with themselves because they write the laws because they are clear in specific. >> it is weird they break up and say oh my god there's gambling. what did they think we were writing these laws for? john: so much other stuff i hate about my government. data mining they areot listening to individual calls to stop the terror. >> i am for the constitution the first time we have seen a general warrant because that is flatly banned by the u.s. constitution. as a practical matter. john: during the time of the revolution. >> came george allow the troops to rummaged the homes under a general war did that was offensive they sometimes still think that is what is happening with our data. john: but it is not. soldiers are not in my house >> because your home is outside onto the internet communication with loved ones, the medical i
FOX Business
Aug 3, 2013 12:00am EDT
of chicken. with the threat come to take it seriously. melissa: what about the debate of letting the nsa listen to our conversations? >> absolutely this is a critical demonstration of the reach of american intelligence and be clear, and a say is designed to gather for intelligence it is not there to spy on us. we are insignificant unless we are cavorting with terrorists. so these programs sweeping the internet to look at e-mail or web sites or patterns may well have been a contributing factor. that is a question for members of congress to ask with classified briefings. melissa: ambassador bolted, thank you so much. up next to no how hard it is to do a show with doughnuts cokie nearby? i should finally get one when franchise friday guests return what is the biggest mistake trying to get the franchise off the ground? iicannot concentrate with grilled chee and doughnuts delicious this. coming up. ♪ ♪ melissa: we're back with franchise friday what is next? and what surprises might be in store? welcome back our guest a franchise owner and also a franchise newcomer. we have some food in th
FOX Business
Aug 6, 2013 12:00am EDT
of the case with the nsa spying scandal and gathering all these things so that they may need it later in and saying, if we want to use it later we will go and get a subpoena them but gather it in the meantime. could they be listening into my house and store it summer? we don't know. they say they're collecting manage data. what they do with the of permission is not publicly -- melissa: collecting. >> the general information and mails and the communications, who is being called, subject matter, subject lines, e-mail addrses, but not so much the content. we don't know. we have heard different reports on what the governnt is doing. melissa: that's right. there were asked directly during a hearing, have you listened in on the phone calls and they said, we're not allowed to do that or we're not allowed to have that -- didn't say whether or not they've actually done it. >> you're right. but bear in mind, the same people complaining about the intrusion on civil liberties are going to be the first people to objective there is another major attack. so it's a balancing act. melissa: i know if i
FOX Business
Aug 22, 2013 12:00am EDT
tomorrow we look at nsa's credibility, the government's credibility, and how we look to the world. right now we look like a nations up next with her money. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's money tonight. tesla's struck seems indestructible. now its model s is so strong it is literally breaking crash test machines. we're not kidding. could all the hype backfire in tesla's face? a board member joins news a fox business exclusive. >>> plus being worked to death. a bank of america intern is found dead. he reportedly pulled three-all-nighters in a row. banks are not only ones pushing employees to the brink. is the pow other ofoney behind it all? >> "who made money today." they could build a roof of cash as a result of housing recovery. stay tuned to find out who it is. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: we are starting off tonight with an exclusive on a company in overdrive. tesla motors is the talk of the town and as the stock speeds higher it is already up an astonishing 336% so far this year. wow, good for them. this week elon musk and inves
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)